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This was an outfit that Catherine and I shot spontaneously after finishing a campaign shoot in her studio – it’s the type of outfit I wear when I’m running errands that never quite seems ‘special enough’ to make it to the blog…

It’s plain and oversized but it’s everything that makes me feel comfortable at the moment, all thrown together in one comforting look. It’s definitely giving me Chandler Bing vibes too. I want to make more of an effort to shoot more of the outfits that I don’t put on with the intention of shooting because I think they are just as important. In fact, they are probably more important, and just as much a part of the rich tapestry that contributes to personal style! The colours here make it feel chic and put-together, but in reality it feels like I’m wearing my pyjamas to the office… 

I’m also sad to report that my beloved Marni sandals snapped last weekend. Somebody stood on the back of one of them as I was going down some stairs and the left strap completely teared! I’m going to try and get them repaired as I’m heading to Spain next week and was planning to take them with me. It’s such a shame because I really thought they were going to be sandals I could wear for many summers to come! I’ll report back but just wanted to mention that incase any of you had them on your wish lists. I’m still obsessed with them so I’m hoping a good shoe repair shop will breathe some life back into them… 

Photographs taken by Catherine Booty 

Blazer – The Frankie Shop, Jumper c/o – Arket, Trousers c/o – H&M, Sandals – Marni


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