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When it comes to fashion, this time of year is all about layers – and lots of them! Layering can be tricky to get right sometimes – often an outfit can feel destroyed as soon as you add a winter coat, and other times it can really complete the look. Most winters, I’ve been guilty of steering away from outfits that I really like, just because I’ve convinced myself that they make me look massively bulky. Think Joey from Friends when he puts on everything Chandler owns – sometimes you just end up feeling frumpy, and pining for the summer months to hurry up… 

This year, I’ve tried to be a little more creative that usual with my layering – mainly to try and combat my serious ‘jeans and a nice jumper’ uniform. It’s not that I’m trying to change a habit of a lifetime, but I really do feel like sometimes my wardrobe is guilty of being a little wasted on me. I’m definitely a creature of habit – it doesn’t matter how many beautiful blouses I own, I’ll without a doubt wear the same two on rotation. This is my usual routine until they are developing holes, and pretty much ready for the bin…

I quickly realised that having a few statement blazers firmly in your wardrobe can open up a whole new way of dressing for the cooler months – dresses, midi skirts, high waist trousers, they all look great with a masculine blazer thrown over the top. In fact, I don’t think there’s anything I can think of that doesn’t look instantly stylish with a blazer added into the mix…

One trend that I’ve been really on board with lately is the whole ‘blazers worn underneath coats’ look. It may sound like a recipe for disaster, but if you can find the right pieces that compliment each-other – I promise you won’t look back. I love how this vintage cream check one looks against the black wool coat – it just adds that subtle hint of character to passers by. Almost as if you’re letting people know that there’s a really great outfit hidden underneath… 

It’s these kind of details that really make a winter outfit interesting – the type of outfit that just keeps getting better as you deconstruct it. For instance, I could spend all day wandering about the city in this outfit and not get cold, but as soon as I’m indoors – the coat comes off, and the blazer can do all the talking. If you’re heading out for after work drinks – the blazer can be removed, or even slouched over the shoulders for that added chic look (something that always looks cool in magazines, but I haven’t quite mastered yet). A simple little wrap dress makes for the ideal undergarment too – the beauty of a layered look is that you’re pretty much prepared for any change in temperature. I guess you could say it’s adulting at it’s finest… 

Pack a change of shoes (if you feel like it) and your favourite red lipstick, and this look could easily take you from desk to mid week drinks – I’m all about the ease and comfort these days, and this outfit ticks all the right boxes…

A beret and a statement bag help to complete any casual look and really add something a little extra – I think my cost per wear of this Simon Miller bag is slowly coming down too. It makes me feel less guilty about splurging that money on a single item – I don’t know people casually drop a few grand on a handbag. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to own a Chanel bag, but I think I’d just be too scared to carry it around with me – I’m the clumsiest person ever. I have to invest in things that won’t look too awful if I spill my drink on them, as there’s a ninety percent chance that it will become a reality!

I definitely find it difficult to feel good about myself at this time of year – Christmas often leaves us feeling bloated, the central heating plays havoc with our skin, and we generally just feel like hibernating until Spring. I find it hard to keep coming up with new outfits that make me feel good, but also act as weather appropriate armour for when I leave the flat each day. I think it’s a funk that everyone goes through at this time of year, and my god has January felt like the longest month ever! I know it’s not healthy to wish the months away, but I really will be happy to see the start of a brand new February – hopefully one with a few blue skies scattered throughout… 

If I could give you any advice for getting dressed right now – it would be to just gravitate towards whatever makes you feel good. Pick up that piece that excites you (even if it scares you a little), we all need something like that in our wardrobes from time to time… 

Don’t be afraid to play around with layers – layer up pieces that you already have and create something that feels different than before. Invest in a few statement blazer and try it out underneath your winter coat for a bit of a stylish upgrade – borrow pieces from friends if you want to try out something new without investing first. Mixing up your everyday uniform can really have a great affect on the way you view the day ahead…

Alice x

Photographs taken in Paris, by Adriana

Coat | 12 Storeez (sold out/similar here & here)

Blazer | vintage via Beyond Retro

Dress | Topshop (similar here)

Boots | Joseph (sold out) 

Bag | Simon Miller


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  1. Natali says:

    You are looking absolutely flawless in this Parisienne like outfit!

  2. Mary says:

    I couldn’t agree with this more! This last year I began blogging and I discovered how much play was an important part of my style. I ended up rebranding completely because I wanted a space where I could experiment and create more with my outfits. I’ve been picking up exciting pieces and making more of an effort to wear them day to day, which makes getting dressed in the morning more interesting.
    I actually read this post this morning and promptly decided that I would wear my jumpsuit today.
    Thanks for the creative spark!

  3. Holly White says:

    Adore this look – the layering is perfect! xxx

  4. Eva says:

    Wow, I love this look so much, especially the combo dress and blazer 🙂

  5. I absolutely adore this look! You look so chic!

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