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I feel as though the tank top is one of those pieces that has a bit of a divided reputation – some believing it’s an absolute disaster of a torso cover up, whilst others positively reference the likes of Freddie Mercury and Rachel from Friends… 

I personally love anything that allows me to layer during the summer months, and a plain white tank top is definitely one of those pieces for me! It’s actually been a life saver for this very British summer we have been having – it’s hot and humid one minute, and then it’s raining just as you’ve left for work without your umbrella. Using a simple tank top as the starting point for my outfits has meant that I can slowly peel away the layers as necessary… 

On this occasion, I wore it with one of my favourite vintage blazers! This blazer never fails to make me feel amazing – I just love the fit of it, and the check print really makes me feel like a powerful business woman who has her shit together. The reality being that I pretty much just wing life from one week to the next (and I have a tank top on underneath)…

For a more ‘feminine’ look, I’ve been wearing this little Weekday tank tucked into a midi skirt with a floaty blouse worn over the top – such an easy summer outfit and so so comfortable. It’s also super handy to throw on underneath a jumper with some shorts if you’re finding this in-between weather a bit tricky. Seems like such obvious styling advice, but It’s really easy to neglect the basics in our wardrobes…

There’s also something about putting a tank top on that instantly makes me feel like I should be going for a run or partaking in something remotely active? I’ve definitely been slacking on the old exercise front this summer, so I feel as though this can only be a good thing. I’ve been itching to take up a new hobby of some kind but I haven’t felt drawn to anything specific so far – suggestions are very much welcome! 

Blogging was always my hobby but as it’s very much a big part of my work life now, I really feel as though I’m lacking in something that’s just for me. I’d love to do something that’s really creative – maybe life drawing classes or ceramics? Basically just something that keeps my creative mind happy without that constant guilt of not sharing things online because it’s an accessory to my job. It’s so important to have things that we love to do that’s completely separate from anything work related…  

Tank tops and new hobbies aside: it’s been a strange old summer so far. I feel as though I’m floating through this one faster than ever before, and I’m really trying to make a conscious effort to just slow down and let myself enjoy the benefits of warmer days and longer nights. Summer is always over before we know it, but I’m happy to be starting a fresh new month! Here’s to hoping August has some adventures coming our way… 

Photographs taken by Catherine Booty 

Blazer – Either And (similar here), Tank top c/o – Weekday, Trousers c/o – Finery (old season), Bag – Elleme, Shoes – Total Vintage



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  1. Sydney Russo says:

    I personally love tank tops when they have a nice fit and are styled correctly! I love how you’ve paired this one with a blazer and trousers, as it really elevates what can otherwise seem like a very casual piece. I find it really helpful when you choose basic pieces like this and offer new ways to style them – like you said, basics can be really easy to neglect once you get bored of them, but there are endless ways to build outfits around the simple items you already have in your wardrobe!
    Sydney |

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thank you! I feel the same – they are one of those pieces that sort of stretch across all styles and can look different on everyone. Definitely a great basic to have. I really need a black one! xx

  2. Glenda says:

    Love the outfit! I’m a bit lucky where I live (Perth, Western Australia) as summer weather is consistent: it’s just (dry) hot. Maybe a hobby idea could be picking up a sport ie tennis or maybe music lessons?

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thank you! And honestly I’ve always dreamed of being someone who is good at tennis – I think mainly so that I can wear the outfits ha. It’s weirdly one of the only sports I like watching on TV too. Music lessons could also be great! Love both of those ideas xx

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