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First of all, thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments on my recent Period Drama post – it means the world that these kinds of posts are so well received by you guys. I get floods of messages whenever I write something surrounding female/mental health – messages that make it feel important for me to always continue. I’ve decided that the new blog design will feature it’s very own female health category so that you can all locate these posts more easily, and it will be a little reminder to myself to keep sharing my journey… 

Theres so much that I can still write about, and the more I write, the more I seem to heal myself from the parts that I always deemed as broken. I feel endlessly lucky to be able to do that, and it breaks my heart that there are so many young women out there who are still shaming their bodies because they don’t know how to help themselves… 

For me, having this platform has to represent a bigger purpose than just the clothes on my back – it has to concern the bigger picture. Problems that aren’t always my problems, and communicating with people that I might never meet. That’s the part of the internet that will always be invaluable. Of course, I still love to share fashion and travel and all of those fun things, but I find that I’m equally as passionate about the not so glamorous things too. So long may it continue, and please let me know if you have any particular topics that you’d like me to explore…

Female health chat aside, I’ve got lots of outfits banked up that I need to get posted on here – I think I’m subconsciously just waiting for my new blog design because it will make everything more exciting! I’ve been shooting away behind the scenes, and have lots of fun/festive ideas planned for the next few weeks. Don’t talk to me about Christmas shopping though – I’m already starting to experience that low level anxiety whenever I see somebody announce that they have already finished theirs and bloody wrapped them too. Please let me know your secrets if this you – I need that level of organisation in my life. 

Other than worrying about Christmas planning and blog designing – there’s been a lot of outfit repeating around these parts. Mainly oversized jumpers and jeans – ’tis the season after all. This jumper is a couple of years old now and I still get so many questions about it whenever I wear it. It’s by Zara, but I don’t tend to shop there much anymore – mainly because I just find their stores so chaotic to navigate, and also because I’m trying to cut down on high street shopping in general. I have a real soft spot for And Other Stories and Mango though!

I love how an oversized jumper looks with some cream/white jeans layered underneath – it’s the perfect way to try out the white denim for winter trend without being too committed. Also, the longer the jumper, the less of a statement the denim underneath makes – a really great tip if you a pair of statement jeans/trousers that you’ve been a bit fearful of up until now. Also a really great tip if you have a pair of trousers that aren’t always flattering around the crotch or bum area but you just love the design. Throw on your favourite oversized jumper and it has the ability to make almost anything work in your favour… 

Photographs by Catherine Booty 

Jumper – Zara (old/similar here)

Jeans – H&M (sold out/similar here)

Bag – W Concept (sold out/similar here

Boots – Aeyde


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  1. Ashley-Chynel Stevenson says:

    I do a lot of my Christmas shopping when I travel so when the holidays come around I have gifts for everyone already – and it’s a fun way to share my experience with my loved ones

    1. alicecatherine says:

      That’s such a good idea! But there’s never any room in my suitcase to bring home presents ha x

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