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At this time of year I tend to get myself stuck in a bit of a vintage jeans and a jumper shaped rut. There’s nothing wrong with having an autumn uniform that works, but I can’t imagine it’s very inspiring for you guys to keep seeing the same combination over and over again. Plus, I get bored of it too, and I end up just gravitating towards it out of comfort – a bad blogger habit indeed, and one that I’m forever trying to break. I find that the best way to cut back on the old denim addiction is to introduce a pair of statement trousers…

I picked these ones up recently whilst browsing the Cow Manchester store, and I just couldn’t leave without them – they are vintage Levi slacks (probably mens), and they bring me joy. I’ve never owned such a vibrant pair of trousers, and they attract quite a few glances when I’m running errands around Manchester…

Normally, I would stay clear of anything really statement on my bottom half – I guess I don’t find them to be that flattering on me, and I usually feel safer sporting a statement piece up top. However, these trousers were just to great of a find, and have definitely given my wardrobe a new lease of life. Autumn is definitely a time to have a bit more fun with our outfits – the weather might be gloomy, but the contents hanging inside our wardrobes doesn’t have to resemble a black hole, or an endless sea of grey marl…

I’ve generally found that as I get older, I’m getting more and more comfortable with the way I dress, and I’m starting to realise that not every outfit has to be super ‘figure flattering’ – it’s okay to wear pieces that you love, regardless of how they look on your body. Confidence is really the only thing needed to make an outfit look great – an overused cliche but very true, unless you’re a pair of crocs that is (side eye emoji)…

I paired these checkered beauties with a longline cardigan to add to the Seventies flared vibe they have going on. It’s the perfect look to wear day to day at the moment as the weather isn’t too bitter. My trusty Miista boots just make any trousers look great as they give me the perfect amount of height and just lengthen my legs a little bit – I love how perfectly they match with this A. Cloud bag too. I call it my chocolate button bag, and it’s such a cute little addition to my ever-growing handheld bag collection. You should definitely check out their website if you haven’t already because they have some incredible vintage inspired designs!

I’m excited to wear these trousers with a big teddy style coat when it gets a bit cooler – I feel like that might look a little like I’ve wandered off the set of Almost Famous, and that can ever really be a bad thing now can it?… 

Photographs by Catherine Booty 

Cardigan – And Other Stories

Trousers – vintage Levi (similar here & here)

Boots – Miista

Bag – A.Cloud


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  1. First of all I want to thank you for this wonderful blog post. You are really doing good to get enough readers for your site. This blog really looks fantastic, and of course you look like a old film actress. I hope that I am not only one who noticed this. And there is no words to describe about the trouser, this really looks very attractive. I fell in love with this.

  2. sara nena says:

    soooooooo great pattern of the trousers

  3. Tara says:

    I love this look! Those pants are incredible!

  4. Cathy says:

    Love Love LOVE this look!

  5. Antonia says:

    I love this look! It´s definitly perfect for autmn. The third part of your text (I’ve generally found that as I get older…)takes things to the ground. Saved as a quote:)

    Love, Antonia from

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