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Ahh Valentines day – whatever your thoughts on the occasion, it seems to have many people feeling divided. As someone who has been in a relationship for over seven years now, I can safely say that Valentines day doesn’t really make a difference to me. It’s also safe to say that relationships don’t correlate with happiness, and that’s something I’ve learnt as I’ve got older and more independent – we have to be able to make ourselves happy, or nobody else will truly be able to…

Sometimes we celebrate it, and other years we don’t – it’s not something I really feel pressured by, and you shouldn’t either. It’s kind of like Easter if anything – another excuse to eat as much chocolate as humanly possible…

Also, just because I’m in a long term relationship, that doesn’t mean I’ve been continually in a state of happiness for over seven years – relationships are rarely easy, and loving yourself is the greatest gift you can indulge in this V-day. Instead of going on a rant about consumerism and destroying all things red and heart shaped – take time to do something that makes you feel good. Whether that’s going out with friends, or eating a whole tub of ice cream in the bath, Valentines day doesn’t have to be associated with romantic love and endless pressure to make gestures…

I guess it might seem easy for me to say this considering I’m in a stable a relationship – but any of you who have read my blog posts over the past couple of months, will have read about the health struggles that I have faced. The last few months have been tough on my mental health, and definitely left me feeling deflated and unloving towards myself at the start of the year. Sometimes we all fall victim to negative patterns of thinking, and we forget that self love is the most important love we will ever experience… 

It’s important to remind ourselves that self love is something we have to constantly practice – it’s perfectly acceptable to take time out to really look after ourselves…

After all, the happier we are, the happier we can make the people around us. If you’re like me and you dislike whenever anything feels too organised and rigid, then a scheduled ‘day of romance’ can often feel drab. Organised exercise for example, I have to talk myself into going to the gym each week, and I’m rarely successful…

However you’re spending this Valentines Day, one thing you shouldn’t be doing is feeling bad about yourself. If you feel like celebrating, then celebrate until your hearts content. If you feel like hibernating, hibernate with some close friends and a few films that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Days like today are all about perspective and outlook, and I think the more we can learn to love ourselves, the less lonely and frustrated we feel at the sight of Cupid and men crossing the street with handfuls of helium filled balloons.

Today shouldn’t be a day where we mull over all our romantic disappointments. Today is just like any other day, but perhaps with a few heightened reminders that we don’t receive as many bouquets of flowers as we might like. People in relationships aren’t immune from loneliness, and single people aren’t always in constant search of the perfect partner. Everyone is worthy of some extra self love this Valentines day, and every other day of the week for that matter – do something that makes you feel great, just because…

Alice x

Photographs by Adriana 

Full outfit c/o Topshop

Bag | Simon Miller

Beret | vintage (similar here)


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  1. Completely agree with everything you said in this post!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    xo.SN |

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thank you! You too lovely xx

  2. Eva says:

    It’s the second Valentine’s day I spend with my boyfriend and I never cared less about this day since. I feel like when you are single you put a lot of pression on yourself but once your not, well it’s just a normal day. Tonight we are just going to cook a nice diner and probably watch a good tv show and it will be just right.

    Anyway, I completely agree with you, especially when you say that self-love is the most important thing because it is !


    1. alicecatherine says:

      I’m the same! And that sounds like my ideal evening to be honest xx

  3. Attam says:

    How amazing these words are. Thanks

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thank you for reading! xx

  4. Lucy Jane says:

    The shirt is such a pretty design, you look amazing!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  5. Natalia says:

    I love this earring/beret combo.

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thank you! x

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