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I wanted to do a bit of a chatty informal post with not much of a structure in mind – mainly just to update you guys on where I’m at and have a good old fashioned natter. I feel as though I’m almost at a stage now where I’m content with my routine, and happy at the rate in which my life and content are growing. I’ve been working harder than ever before, but also learning to be less hard on myself and take breaks when it all gets a bit much…

I now shoot with Adriana around twice a week – this usually involves two full days of wandering around Manchester and shooting my week in outfits. We now have an extra day where we work on filming content for YouTube – a platform which I never saw myself stepping foot on until now. After lots of encouragement from other bloggers/vloggers, I felt as though I didn’t really have anything to lose, and may as well give it a shot! I have to say, I’m really enjoying the challenge, it’s so much harder than you’d think to get the speaking part down, especially when you have a tendency to be a bit awkward. Having said that, the comments so far have been beyond lovely, and I’m excited to start growing my channel and brainstorming new ideas. At the moment, I’ve given myself a target of one video a week, this will most probably be on a Sunday evening and be fashion or beauty related. Do let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to see as any feedback is all really helpful to the planning process.

In terms of work and home life – everything has been pretty peachy over the past couple of months. Sam and I are hoping to book a little getaway soon – we have been mulling over the possibility of Bergen or maybe even Iceland so let me know if you have any recommendations! It’s been high on my wish list for years now to visit Canada, so I’m really hoping I can make that happen sometime next year. At twenty five, it feels more and more important to me to see other parts of the world and to travel as much as possible – whether it’s a long haul flight or a forty minute drive to a new town.

We are also still on the flat hunt which is a bit of a drag and kind of the last thing that’s holding me back work wise – I’d really like two bedroom place so that I can have one room as my office with a proper desk and a rail so that I can plan out my shoots properly. At the moment, I’m working from the little desk space in our living room, and the flat is often turned upside down on shoot days. I think that having a physical door that I could close each day would really improve my productivity levels. However, it’s not easy finding a place that feels like home, and endless nights scrolling through different flats can all get a bit exhausting. Manchester has lots of old mill buildings with exposed brick walls and high ceilings – so we are hoping to find somewhere with a bit of character that we can truly make our own. The flat we have now has great big arch windows and high ceilings, but we have just outgrown it completely now, and it’s also in a very noisy part of town. I think I might have actually forgotten what it’s like not to hear a constant stream of sirens and builders shouting at each other…ahh the joys of city life.

All in all I’ve been making some positive changes and have been happy with the outcomes – I feel like I’m starting to get on top of the admin side of blogging too. It’s difficult when you only have yourself to rely on, I was often focusing on the creative part, and just letting the admin side build up. Sam’s mum is actually an accountant and has offered to take that off my hands which is a huge relief – I’m not mathematically inclined in the slightest, so it will be nice to finally have all that in order. Taking the leap from full time to freelancer is a huge adjustment, and the paperwork definitely creeps up on you if you don’t stay on top of it. I think it’s easy to just view blogging from the outside, but there’s so much more than I could have imagined that goes on behind the scenes. I’m not particularly business savvy, and never started a blog to make money, so it’s still a very ‘pinch me’ reality that it’s become my full time occupation. I’m also learning to try and not put so much pressure on myself when it comes to content and keeping up with everything – the online world is so fast paced and can cause anxious times for a lot of people, taking a breather means I can return to projects with a clearer head and a fresher outlook…

Alice x

Photography by Adriana

Blazer c/o – Mayla | Jumper – Mango | Jeans – Vintage Wrangler | Shoes – Whistles (old season)| Bag c/o – French Connection | Sunglasses – Mango


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  1. So on point as always! x

  2. Clare says:

    I thoroughly recommend Iceland, it was one of our favourite holidays. There is so much I could recommend about it that I’ll just say it’s all amazing!
    I’ve wanted to go to Canada for years and am hoping to go next year. My brother is spending a year there at the moment so I think I’m going over to visit in March and couldn’t be more excited! Where in Canada are you aiming for?

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Maybe Toronto but I’d like to travel around a bit and see all the amazing lakes! xx

      1. Clare says:

        Toronto is where I’m going, I’m hoping to visit some of the parks too though. Have a great time wherever you end up going xx

  3. sara says:


  4. Rameen says:

    I love these little updates. Social media is funny in the sense that we feel connected to people even though we don’t really know them, so often times when I read your posts or see you’ve posted something on instagram, it feels like I’m chatting with a friend. So it’s lovely to hear what you’re up to every now and then and how you are doing. Much love xx.

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