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Thought i’d do a quick little post on a few of my favourite things I got for my birthday – featuring this vintage silk cami top of dreams! I stumbled across this in COW Manchester and knew it had to be mine as soon as I laid eyes on it. I have a bit of a thing for anything that looks like nightwear from the 1940’s -50’s teamed with masculine denim and messy/undone hair.

I like to imagine somebody wore this whilst writing love letters to a missed one – I have a habit of romanticising vintage pieces. There’s just something nice about owning garments that have stories behind them and I think that’s mainly the magic of being in a vintage shop. For me, everything I try on has the ability to make me feel different¬†and alter the mood I’m in. Whether it’s ridiculously jazzy sequins or an old band T- shirt, I’m addicted to how trans-formative vintage clothing can be!

Top РCow Vintage (similar here)

Jeans – Vintage Pepe (similar here)

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