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I’ll admit that once we reach February, I can grow quite tired of winter dressing… 

It’s easy to sink into the comfort of your favourite oversized jumper and forget how transformative the process of putting an outfit together can be. With this in mind, I thought I’d look back through some of my recent winter looks and highlight some key pieces that have been preventing my outfits from feeling like the same old winter uniform!

Firstly, never underestimate the power that a great pair of gloves and a beautiful scarf can have when putting together an outfit together! Whether it’s adding some much needed texture or a pop of colour, knitted accessories are a fun way to update your usual winter attire without leaning into a whole new wardrobe update.

I’ve also been very smitten with eyewear more than ever lately. Particularly these tinted frames by Kaleos frames which have the most stunning brown tint to them! They work well with other brown/burgundy tones in my wardrobe and instantly make me feel like a film star no matter how bad of a day I might be having. I really recommend checking out Kaleos if you’re in the market for some statement eyewear as they have a tonne of really unique styles that feel very fun but also very classic and vintage inspired. I feel like I’ll still be wearing these when I’m old and grey…

A firm favourite amongst my winter accessories has to be this little knitted hood by Rows Knitwear everything they create is handmade and the quality is absolutely beautiful.

I think it’s easy to fall into the mindset of thinking these knitted style hoods are a trend lead piece when they have in fact been around for decades! They not only look really chic (in my humble opinion) but they also happen to be extremely practical on those freezing cold winter days when nothing else is quite cutting it/your ear lobes are about to drop off. I love wearing mine as the full hood like I’m doing in these images but I also love just wearing it loose around my neck for an extra styling layer. It’s also something you can carry around in your bag with you so whenever the cold strikes, you have a cosy extra layer on stand by!

Another favourite has to be the classic puffer coat or jacket! I’m a believer that everyone needs one in their coat collection, and it doesn’t just have to be associated with dog walking attire… 

I think the colour and fit are both key when it comes to making puffer outerwear look chic or cool. I’d always recommend going for a slightly oversized fit and then opting for something a bit different than the usual black or navy styles that can end up looking a bit dull or uninteresting. This longline chocolate style by Arket is a perfect example of a puffer style piece that still feels classic enough to stand the test of time, but without feeling boring or swamping the look underneath.

I’ve styled it in so many different ways and it’s always great to have a few super practical pieces that also feel like elevated versions of themselves. The chocolate shade is beautiful and works well with so many colours – I wore it with a bright red jumper underneath recently and it reminded me of how great brown & red are together!

If you’ve followed me for a while then you’ll have probably seen this Sandro Paris shearling jacket a fair few times! A shearling jacket is such a staple for me and I feel like I’ve been searching for the perfect one since the age of eighteen…

This one definitely comes close. I’d love to own a longer version at some point in a slightly more tan shade but I love that this one looks like a true vintage piece that’s lived a life before it was mine. It’s one of those jackets that always gets a tonne of compliments and my outfit never feels boring whenever I’m wearing this over the top.

I’m trying to be more and more considered with the pieces I have in my wardrobe so looking back over my winter outfits and documenting the pieces that have been featured the most seems like a worthwhile practice. Picking out the wardrobe staples you enjoy most from season to season also allows room for you to spot any gaps and make wish-lists for the next time around. I’m a big advocate for making wish-lists and sitting on purchases for a while because often times I end up crossing things off or finding a version I like better etc. I feel like curating a wardrobe that works for you as an individual is an ever-changing thing – our wardrobes adopt and change as we do and it can be hard to find pieces that sit between being practical whilst also expressing a sense of personal style. This is why I’ll always enjoy documenting my outfits in some capacity because I love being able to look back at a visual timeline when it comes to my personal style. It’s interesting to spot what’s remained the same and what’s changed as I’ve gotten older (and hopefully a little bit wiser)… 

Photographs taken in Heaton Park on a snow day! 


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