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*This post features gifted pieces but all thoughts & imagery are my own as always! 

A little interior blog post for you this week! Homeware has well and truly been at the forefront of my mind this year – I feel like I’ve spent so long dreaming about what my first home might look like, so bringing some of those things to life has been extremely cathartic (and a little addictive)…

I’ve spent a lot of weekends this year endlessly scrolling through Pinterest, sourcing pieces for the new space, and rearranging them until things start to feel balanced and homely. It’s something I really enjoy doing and have a passion for so it’s rewarding to watch things that were once sketches and moodboards become reality. It’s also such a nice time of year to be working on the house – the promise of spring lies ahead which is all the motivation I need to get our outdoor patio area looking cute. Right now it’s not much to look at but I’m very excited to bring it to life and spend mornings out there reading and drinking coffee.

We are lucky enough to have a spare room in this house which was something we both really wanted. We really craved a space for family and friends – somewhere they would be able to stay over at a moments notice that was also functional for us in terms of extra storage.

The vision was to always have a comfortable bed made up in this room. We played around with the idea of having a sofa bed but ultimately we decided it would just end up being a dumping ground for clothes etc and that having a bed would be incentive to keep this space looking minimal and tidy. I also wanted this room to have a different feel compared to our bedroom. I wanted it to be slightly more on the ‘cosy cottage’ side in terms of aesthetic whilst still feeling modern and relaxing… 

We went for the ‘Leonie’ rattan style bed by Happy Beds and I’m so so impressed by it! It’s such a gorgeous frame and really fits in perfectly with the rest of the vintage furniture in this room. What I love most is that it doesn’t take over because of the light oak colour but it still feels like an ornamental feature in the room when it’s not being used.

It’s such a lovely French inspired design that looks even better in real life. I’m almost jealous that we didn’t go for this style in our bedroom but I now really look forward to spending time in here…

For the mattress and bedding we went with Simba as they kindly offered to send me some bits for the new house. I’ve bought from them in the past so it was a no brainer as I knew the quality would be amazing. We opted for the Hybrid Luxe Mattress and then the Hybrid Pillows and Hybrid Duvet as they seemed like like perfect option for all year round use.

I don’t like storing extra bedding away if I can help it so I was intrigued by the fact that the Hybrid styles keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. They feel super breathable and squishy which makes for the perfect spare bed set up!

For the bed linen, we opted for this mustard stripe set by Toast, along with the most beautiful patchwork quilt to go over the top. I really love these warm tones together and I think I’ll pick out these tones in the bedding when thinking about art work and prints for the rest of the room!

I’ve been investing in Toast bedding for many moons now and highly recommend it. They wash really well and are always made from the softest cotton (these are things that are now high priorities as a person in my Thirties who really values a good nights sleep)…

Last but not least, some gorgeous bits from a brand called Kalinko that I really wanted to share with you! Mainly because I hunted high and low for a little bedroom bin that wasn’t super ugly and I think I nailed it with this one…

I love that it has a little lid so it’s easy on the eye as well as being functional. I also picked up the matching storage basket as I wanted something to sit on top of my dresser and house all my beauty products. They are often just spread out messily across the dresser (I start the week off tidy and gradually it gets worse) so this basket asks as a desk tidy and just keeps everything contained. It also means I can just shove all the products inside when people stay over last minute! Both pieces are made from handwoven rattan so will be hardwearing and last a long time. I also love that they will work well in so many other areas of the house if I get bored of them in this room!

I’m really looking forward to people staying over this year now that we have this space set up and it finally feels calm and not crammed with boxes. There’s definitely still a few finishing touches that I’m keen to get ticked off before spring. Mainly a new rug, a little bedside table, and some art work to go above the bed. The walls are looking a little bare where the bed sits so I think some artwork will really elevate the room and make it feel extra cosy and inviting… 

All photographs taken by me using a Fujifilm X-S1o

Thank you to Happy Beds, Simba & Kalinko for helping bring this room to life! 

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