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A longtime staple in my wardrobe has to be an oversized blazer even during the summer months they end up being useful. Particularly when I want to feel slightly on the smarter side, with a breathable summer combination peaking out from underneath! It’s a look I rely on time and time again at this time of year, and I really can’t see myself ever falling out of love with the whole ‘blazer a few sizes too big’ thing…

This one is from The Frankie Shop and I’ve had it for quite a while now – regular readers if this blog will know that I have worn this blazer to death, and it’s been worth every penny! I recently treated myself to another one of their blazers in a beautiful taupe shade so that I can mix things up a bit. I’d wear this blazer everyday if I could, so it made sense to pick up a different shade for the transitional weather ahead… 

I’m also pretty smitten with this daisy print skirt from Mango! I’ve worn it so much during the recent heatwave and it’s such a beautiful floaty material. It’s really one of those pieces that looks way more expensive than it actually is. I also noticed that it now comes in a midi dress version which I’m very tempted by, and also a little matching top so you have the option to buy the skirt as a two piece if you wanted. I’ve linked them all below for you as always!

I really hope you’re all doing well and looking after yourselves. I’ve really tried to spend more time offline and focus more on finding moments of joy IRL over the past few weeks. Whether it’s an evening stroll to take my mind off things or finishing work a bit earlier than usual to settle down with a book – it’s important now more than ever to ensure we are practicing self care, whatever that may look like…

Photographs taken by Catherine Booty 

Blouse – YSE Paris, Skirt – Mango, Blazer – The Frankie Shop, Sandals c/o – Bellerose, Bag c/o – St Agni, Sunglasses – Gucci (old season/similar here), Necklace – Buckle Bow Pearl


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  1. Flor says:

    I really love how you style blazers! I’m not particulary a fan myself, but you always inspire me to try to make my outfits a bit more “elegent” 😛

    Flor |

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