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I just stumbled across these images from Portugal earlier in the year and thought it was the prime time to get them up on the blog! I have one more summer trip planned this year – I’m heading to Spain the week after next for a few days, so I’ve really been thinking about ways that I can get the best out of my favourite summer pieces… 

One part of me is just ready for chunky boots and jumpers, whilst the other half wouldn’t mind floaty summer dresses and sandals for another couple of weeks! Every day is a surprise with the weather here in Manchester, and it’s also a time where I tend to wear the same ‘safe outfit’ on repeat for fear of not knowing what the day ahead has in store. This neutral linen look definitely wouldn’t be a safe bet right now, and would most likely have turned transparent by the time the afternoon rain turned up…

That being said, there’s a long bank holiday weekend ahead, and it’s looking like we might have a little heatwave heading our way! I’m really hoping this is the case as I have a fun weekend with friends planned and some sunny weather would be very welcome indeed… 

Photographs taken by Catherine Booty, Location: Farmhouse Of The Palms 

Jacket, skirt & knitted tank – all vintage, Shoes – Castaner, Bag – Paloma Wool, Sunglasses – Gucci




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