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I wanted to share some of my favourite images that were taken a couple of weeks back now – this was the last look we shot at Chorlton Water Park, and I really love the feel to them…

As much as I adore blogging (it’s very much a cathartic process for me) – I’ve found myself feeling quite disconnected from it over the past few months. Some weeks I’ll feel really creative and productive, other weeks I feel as though I’m a bit ‘stuck’ – floundering about/not quite knowing where the next idea will come from. Most of those doubts arrive via over analysing Instagram – numbers are the root of all evil, and my engagement hasn’t been great for a while now. It’s easy to let these things get to you when it’s a big part of the job, so whenever I can, I’ve been trying to switch up my surroundings…

Being somewhere new always seems to distract me from the less important things in life. After all, we should all be safe in the knowledge that we will be fine, regardless of whether things to go plan or not…

I’ve waxed lyrical on here about numbers not being important, so I really just need to take a bit of my own bloody advice sometimes. However, it’s easier said then done when you primarily work alone and don’t always have someone to remind you ‘you’re doing a good job’. With this in mind, I’ve made the conscious decision to just start making more content that feels fun and spontaneous (aka good for the soul)… 

Being by the water reminds me of the Lake District – a place I basically spent half of my time growing up. My Gran lived there so we would visit whenever we could, and these trips always involved some kind of hike or swim. Even when it was raining and cold – we would always make an excuse to get out into the surrounding nature. As a kid, I moaned about this at times, but looking back, I’m so grateful for those memories scrambling about with bruised knees, trying to catch my breath…

There are times when I feel like so much of my purpose exists in the online world, and it’s not a fun place for my mind to wander. I see it a lot from other content creators online too – when did it get to the point where we feel so guilty for spending time in the real world? (Even as I type that it seems so ridiculous to me). When I find myself getting caught up in a web of online negativity, I take a few steps back and try to analyse what it is that I need to alter in my routine. 

I recently read something along the lines of ‘things that are meant to be will flow like water’, but that hasn’t felt like the case with my job recently. It’s felt like a bit of a fight against the current if anything… 

I’ve been using this time to reconnect with myself and what I want out of this career I’ve built for myself. Sometimes we just have to let go of expectations, abandon what others might think, and mark out a new and exciting direction for ourselves. I feel as though I’m getting back into the groove of things, and feeling a bit stagnant has actually encouraged me to look at what I’m creating from a different perspective…

Photographs taken by Catherine Booty | Location, Chorlton water park 

Blazer c/o – Arket, Dress – Retold Vintage, Boots – Aeyde, Hat – Mango


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  1. Hannah says:

    These are just GORGEOUS shots!

    Hannah / Words & Latte

  2. Holly White says:

    Such gorgeous photos! I’ve felt the same with blogging lately – I think Instagram is making us all feel a little lost! BUT, I always adore everything you write and post, so keep at it lovely! xxx

  3. Summer R says:

    I love these pictures! And definitely agree that sometimes being spontaneous when creating content gives amazing results.
    I found IG so draining and stopped posting on a daily basis and only used stories and personally, it was such a good decision!
    I’ve always enjoyed your writing and content xx


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