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It’s officially winter coat season around these parts, and much like last year, I’m really enjoying anything that feels like a giant dressing gown but creates some shape at the waist. Picking up that new winter coat is very much a nostalgic feeling for many of us – it reminds me of starting a new season at school, and being very aware that whatever coat I picked would have to be worn all winter long. These days, I’m lucky enough to have a few different options, but I still take my coat shopping very seriously. After all, there’s only so much space in our overstuffed hallway cupboard…

Whenever I invest in outerwear, I have to be safe in the knowledge that it’s something I’ll wear for years to come – much like this incredible Nanushka coat. It’s the most money I’ve ever parted with for a coat, but after stalking all of their designs last year, I really wanted to save up and invest in one of their coats this year. I just love how simple and oversized they are, and I hadn’t seen anything else that stuck in my head quite as much as this beauty…


The great thing about this style of coat is that it fits all of my jumpers underneath – even the big thick ones with awkward sleeves. It fits my blazers underneath too, so there’s really no need for me to adjust my outfits to suit the coat that I quickly throw on last. This was my issue with so many coats I’ve had before this one, they looked nice but I found myself having to strategically pick my outfit so that I didn’t resemble the Michelin Man (or that scene in Friends when Joey dresses himself in the entirety of Chandler wardrobe)…

I picked up a size small from Net A Porter and it’s the perfect fit for me – it’s also a silk and wool blend, so boy does it feel luxurious when you wear it. I’m obsessed with the length too, it hits just before my ankles and it feels like such a romantic design. In fact, it very much reminds me of a late Eighties/Nineties style coat that supermodels might have worn – if that vague reference makes any sense at all. I feel like there’s lots of images of Christy Turlington that I’ve seen wearing this type of coat. Or this image of Liv Tyler always sticks with me when I think about winter coats for some reason – it’s that effortless bundled up look that makes a coat seem so much more appealing to me… 

I just feel very put together and chic whenever I wear it, and it keeps me so so warm. Admittedly, oversized everything is a huge trend right now, but I’ve worn oversized coats for years, and I can’t seem them disappearing anytime soon. Whether it’s some pasta you’ve spilt down your favourite jumper, or an outfit you wish you’d thought through a little longer – a robe style coat is your security blanket this winter… 

Photographs by Catherine Booty 

Coat – Nanushka (similar here)

Blouse – vintage 

Blazer c/o – W Concept

Jeans – WeekDay 

Boots – Aeyde

Bag – vintage Gucci


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