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I usually avoid anything ‘sporty looking’ at all costs – it doesn’t tend to suit me, and I tend to just feel like the living embodiment of the phrase ‘all the gear and no idea’. It takes me back to ill fitting gym attire, and basically bad memories of injuring myself in an attempt to be remotely active. That was until Finery sent me these dream navy trousers with a simple stripe down the sides – classic enough to tie in with the way I like to dress, with a slightly sports luxe edge that sort of makes me feel like a Spice GirlThe latter being a comparison that I can’t ever really be mad at?…

So here we are, in some sporty looking trousers, that I have been absolutely wearing to death…

There’s something I never thought I’d be writing on my blog. 

All bad jokes aside , they are probably the comfiest trousers I’ve owned to date, and I’m finding that they are the perfect transitional piece when paired with oversized knitwear. I really love how they look with a statement snake print boot too for that added juxtaposition. Am I going on a run? Am In search of the local saloon?…

I’ve been wearing them a lot with longline knitwear pieces, but here I’m wearing them with my beloved And Other Stories ballet style cardigan. It takes me back to my youth (I did ballet lessons), although I was never quite graceful enough to continue with them. Clumsiness is a curse, so this pretty little cardigan will have to be enough to keep my childhood dream of being a dancer alive… 

I feel like they could look really cool dressed up for the evening time too – I’m yet to experiment with an oversized satin blouse and some strappy heels, I think that could be the perfect ‘night out’ outfit for autumn, so I’ll let you know how that one works out! The Musier bag is another new wardrobe addition, I feel like there’s been a lot of newness lately, but I guess it’s that transitional time of year when everyone is picking up new pieces. However, I’ve really been trying to invest in good quality (slightly more expensive pieces), and to avoid just buying a tonne of high street stuff that I won’t get my wear out of. As always, I wear a lot of vintage, so I guess this is my way of trying to be a bit more responsible, whilst also advocating the joy to be found in second hand. After all, good clothes are definitely not always new clothes… 

I’m far from perfect in terms of being ethical with my wardrobe, but I feel as though I get a little bit better with each year that passes. Maybe this is something I’ll write a big blog post on soon? It’s definitely food for thought. Anyway, I hope you liked this outfit post and that it’s inspired you to pull out the comfortable trousers and style them up for autumn. I’m heading to New York for the first time next week, and I think these might just be the perfect travel trousers…maybe I’ll finally nail ‘airport chic’ after all…

Photographs by Catherine Booty 

Cardigan – And Other Stories

Trousers – Finery London

Boots – Whistles (sold out/similar here)

Bag – Musier


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  1. Holly White says:

    Oooo love this look on you Alice! Xx

  2. Sora says:

    It looks really nice on you!!! I think you just made them look less sporty with those boots and sweater 🙂

    Sora |

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