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There’s always been part of my style that’s been attracted to an element of Granny chic – lets just call it that for now. Floral tea dresses, chunky sandals, and ugly cardigans with oversized buttons galore. I used to wear a lot more floral than I do now – I’d seek as many vintage Liberty print and Laura Ashley pieces as I could find on Ebay, and style them with A-line skirts and ankle boots. There’s something about witnessing an older woman who dresses really well that gives me a strong sense of satisfaction – a woman who dresses for herself, and wears her clothing proudly for all to see…

I’ve never understood when people say they are ‘too old for fashion’ – you are never to old for anything in my opinion (except maybe certain physical activities). Iris Apfel is a huge inspiration for me, I watched a documentary with her a while back now, and completely fell in love with her general outlook on life. She’s such a force of nature, and always reminds me of one simple truth: if you feel great, there’s really no way you can’t look great too… 

Whenever I pick up certain items to pair together and feel myself hesitating, I encourage myself to just wear them anyway – to just try it out and see what happens. It’s just clothing, and if I don’t end up enjoying the way something looks or feels, It’s all a learning curve for the next time I get dressed. Developing personal style should be fun, care free, and not controlled by the opinions of the people around us. We should be dressing for ourselves each day, whether that’s a masculine trouser suit, a granny chic inspired get up, or beyond… 

I love that the way I like to dress is made up of lots of different components – as much as I love jeans and a T-shirt, there’s so many other pieces that feel like home…

Walking around town this week felt rather magical – the sun was shining, and I was on the look out for pretty new corners that had otherwise been hidden away by the usual gloomy weather. Looking back through these images felt kind of bizarre – I could almost trick myself into believing they were shot somewhere in beautiful Italy, on my way to a little fruit market, or in search of the best coffee stop. I’m all kinds of smitten with this Rouje cardigan – I’m sure you will all know how much I love the brand in general by now, but this piece really feels like the Granny chic element to my wardrobe that’s been missing. I love how it looks with these off white Whistles jeans – which by the way, are totally made by the contrast stitching…

Some tan accessories and gold jewellery break everything up a little bit and keep it looking more stylish and less sheep fancy dress. I like how the cardigan looks with just the one button done up – I never feel too exposed if I have something high waist on the bottom! I also can’t wait to wear it slung over my shoulders with a midi dress and some plimsoles for serious off to watch the tennis vibes…


Alice x

Photographs by Adriana

Cardigan | Rouje (similar here)

Jeans | Whistles 

Sunglasses | Rouje (similar here)

Sandals & Bag c/o | Marais USA 


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  1. Natali says:

    You look so sweet and happy in this elegant and chic outfit! We had great weather for couple of days so I was also happy to enjoy the sunshine and wear lighter clothes!

  2. Gemma says:

    Granny chic with a youthful spin. Love it.


  3. Lucy Jane says:

    This style is so classic and also looks amazing on you!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  4. Holly White says:

    This isn’t the FITTEST ‘granny chic’ I’ve ever seen. You look gorgeous! I’m in love with this! xxx

  5. YZ Chan says:

    You definitely pull of the granny chic look!

  6. Eva says:

    This reminds me of a cardigan that my grand mother knitted some 15 years ago. Me and my mom still use it today. It’s one of those big, old pink cardigan with big brown buttons. And I just love it. So yeah, there is no “too old for fashion” because some of these granny looks are the best !


    1. alicecatherine says:

      Those are the best types! The pink sounds amazing too – I love a good ‘ugly’ knit xx

  7. Summer Read says:

    Loving this whole outfit! I bought some similar jeans recently and now can’t wait to style them. Loving the Rouje cardigan too, I love how they style it with midi skirts on their website but it looks great with these jeans too!


    1. alicecatherine says:

      Me too! I tried knotting it up like they do with a midi skirt but it didn’t quite have the same effect ha – that’s my next challenge for sure xx

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