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If there’s one purchase that stands out to me throughout lockdown: it’s this burnt orange linen gown from H&M. There’s just something about wrapping it around my body post shower that transports me to another time and instantly lifts my mood. After all, it really was time to peal the tired looking loungewear away and replace it with something more summery and uplifting… 

It’s strangely been encouraging me to take more time for self care too – if I put this on after showering, I’m much more likely to take the extra time to massage in some body oil or paint my nails. I’ve really been cherishing taking the extra time to just make myself feel good since there’s been less reasons to rush out the door. Self care really can be just as simple as brushing your hair for a little bit longer, or in my case, letting yourself sit in a burnt orange robe until noon… 

I love this colour because reminds of summer getaways around Europe, but it also comes in an array of different shades (including white) if you fancy something more muted. I’ve also been spending quite a bit of time on Etsy looking at homeware recently! I picked up this beautiful mustard vase for under twenty pounds, and I’m so in love with it. I can’t recommend Etsy enough for homeware pieces that are easy on the bank balance. I’ll link some similar pieces below because I’ve been on a bit of a vase frenzy lately and there’s only so much space for glassware in my little flat!

Linen dressing gown – H&M, Jewellery c/o – Charlie Luxe Vintage


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