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The wrap dress is my favourite kind – endlessly flattering, ageless, and cool with whatever footwear you left at the front door. It’s also no secret that polka dots are a favourite of mine, I seem to just gravitate towards them, and they have a huge presence in my wardrobe. Last year I invested in this Realisation Par dress, and at the time, I didn’t realise (no pun intended) just how much it would become one of those basic styling pieces that I would come to rely on in times of spectacular wardrobe meltdowns… 

There have been so many times when I’ve thanked the heavens for this little dress – it’s been my saving grace for last minute events, nights out, meals with family, or just simple summer evenings spent at the pub…

The list goes on and on. 

It’s one of those dresses that makes me feel my very best. It’s figure flattering, elegant, and a little bit sexy at the same time. Basically the best recipe for the perfect dress in my opinion. I didn’t want to love Realisation Par as much as I do – they are very popular in the Instagram world, but they definitely have their cult following for a reason. The dresses are high quality, and the type that are designed to be worn over and over again. Next on my wish list is the leopard print Naomi skirt – it keeps going in and out of stock, so I’ve turned into one of those people that stalks the website every morning in the hope that I can get my hands on it. Although its quite a vibrant satin print, I can see myself wearing it throughout winter with a crop jumper and black pointed boots. That’s the thing with floaty pieces like this, you can layer them up for autumn/winter, and they look just as good as they did back in your summer holiday photos…

Whilst we are on the subject of investment pieces, I wanted to introduce you to my new bag (yes, a formal introduction is necessary). I met with the wonderful designer Sahar a couple of weeks ago, and completely fell in love with her passion for buy less, buy well. The brand champions a small collection of Italian made leather goods, all designed with the idea of being worn everyday with anything and everything. The minimal look of the bags mean that they match with so many different looks, and you don’t need to be forever changing/updating your bag collection. My favourite is Milk Pail design in the tanned leather shade – basically the perfect summer bucket bag with a practical twist. The little magnetic lid means that now the contents of my bag aren’t constantly spilling out everywhere for the world to see. Fellow bucket bag enthusiasts will be just as excited about this as I am, I’m sure… 

I love it when two favourite pieces come together and create an outfit that becomes a new fail-safe. The peachy toned bag is a dream against the black polka dot material – throw on some classic white trainers and it’s an effortless summer look to rival your denim shorts and a white t-shirt… 

Photographs by Adriana 

Dress – Realisation Par

Trainers – Veja

Bag – S.JOON


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  1. This look is very cute, just like your little bag.


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