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I recently got the chance to visit Café De Flore whilst in Paris – I have to blame Tumblr and Pinterest for making me want to go, and spending a ridiculous amount on coffee. However, it’s definitely worth it as a little luxurious treat, sometimes we all need a little of that in our lives – particularly in January. I don’t know what it is about this time of the month that turns me into a sluggish, unmotivated, sloth creature. I just haven’t been hit with that new year get up and go just yet, so a little getaway provided the perfect distraction…

Being in a new environment motivated me to make the most of it – there was lots of new streets to shoot on, and having pretty new content always makes me excited to get writing again. I love the whole process of styling the shoot, and eventually putting it all together alongside my own words. I feel like I didn’t really get away much towards the end of last year, so it was the much needed boost of inspiration that my blogging brain needed. I really wish I could fly to Paris once a month to shoot content – wouldn’t that be the dream?! As much as I love the people of Manchester, I do find it quite hard to find backdrops that suit the outfits I have in mind, and the vibe that I want my images to have in general.

I think I’ll get back into the swing of shooting when spring comes around – I’ve decided that as much as I love winter clothing, summer is where my true happiness manifests. I love long days, and my skin just needs that vitamin D in it’s life…

Sam and I have been looking at various destinations for a little getaway in February – I’d love to go to Venice, but we have also been looking at Seville. They are both in incredibly beautiful places that I have never visited, so I’m really finding it hard to pick between the two. If you have any recommendations, then I would love to read them in the comments below! I really like the idea of Venice – it looks so colourful and full of character, but when I googled the weather for Seville, it kind of won me over. We are hoping to get something booked over the next week – I’m sure I’ll report back when some decisions have been made/I’ve based my whole trip around the Air BNB I’ve fallen in love with, anyone else guilty of that?

I’ve got a really bad case of wanderlust this year, I’m just keen to visit as many places as possible, and really throw myself into travelling more. It’s obviously a privilege to be in charge of my own time, and not something that I want to look back on in years to come and feel like I took for granted. My sister is also currently travelling around Asia – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but Sam has a full time job and limited holidays, so we can’t really just take off for a couple of months. I’m sure at some point it’s something we will make happen, but seeing more of the world can get tricky as you get older and gain more responsibilities. However, no excuses for me this year, even if it means travelling alone – it will also prevent me from spending money on things that I don’t really need. Nothing makes me save money more than the promise of blue skies and dipping my feet in the ocean again… 


Alice x

Photographs taken in Paris, by Adriana

Coat – 12 Storeez (sold out/similar here here) | Jumper – The Frankie Shop | Jeans – Vintage via Beyond Retro | Boots – Joseph | Beret – Topshop | Sunglasses – Mango (sold out/similar herehere) | Bag – Simon Miller


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  1. Rhian says:

    I would 100% recommend Venice – I went March last year on a long weekend that was booked rather impulsively after the new year and it was my favourite trip I’ve been on. It’s always best to go there in the winter (the heat and the huge amounts of people make it less pleasant in the summer) and as so much of the city’s art is its buildings/architecture it’s just a great excuse to wrap up in fabulous coats and scarves and wander around for hours. We had beautiful weather when we were there – cold but bright, clear blue skies, and we even took our coats off at one point. Would definitely recommend for this time of year (and you can get a Bellini for something like 3 euros!). Love this outfit so much – am planning a trip to Paris myself in March, will be taking lots of inspo from yours! X

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Amazing, thank you so much! Think we are leaning towards Venice now – I’ve heard the same about avoiding it at all costs during the summertime too haha. Blue skies would be much appreciated right now! Hope you have a wonderful time in Paris xx

  2. Natali says:

    Such a lovely Winter time moment… Small things like enjoying a warm cup of coffee or tea and a people watching hour at a favourite cafe are things which make my Winter goes by faster and in a happier mood. 🙂

    1. alicecatherine says:

      I agree! It’s those little moments when you just get to stop and watch the world go by (with snacks) haha xx

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thank you! xx

  3. Holly White says:

    I can’t wait for Spring either – I’m desperate for warmer dsys!
    Also, you look beautiful in these photos xxxx

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thanks beautiful! And me too – desperate for some sunshine now xxx

  4. Theodora says:

    Very nice Blog!
    Any tips – cafes except Cafedeflore as suggestion?

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