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A couple of years ago, you’d struggle to find me wearing anything else other than a classic A-line skirt – the Sixties inspired favourite was a complete staple in my wardrobe, and I was pretty content sporting one everyday of the week. In fact, I had a top draw dedicated to different A-line skirts alone – checked print, polka dot, and suede galore. I was a woman obsessed with collecting skirts, and I would bravely wear them all the way through winter with tights, a jumper, and a chunky pair of ankle boots…

These days, I am a jeans girl through and through – I’m most comfortable in a slouchy jumper, and some vintage Levi’s, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to prise myself away from them! It’s just a fail-safe combination, and one that I’ve come to realise just suits meIt’s fun to play around with different outfits, but I don’t believe that you have to constantly be trying out new trends if you’ve already found something that works for you – true personal style is what tends to stick throughout the years after all…

I recently had a clear out of my ‘A-line skirt’ stuffed draw – the amount of skirts that I owned was actually ridiculous, many of them far too short than anything I would walk around in now too! I think I may have shrunk a few of them in the washing machine – this is the explanation I’m going to run with anyway. After filling a charity bag or two, I whittled my collection down to a carefully curated seven skirts. A vintage brown suede, a couple of classic Levi denim ones, a couple of checked ones, and finally the black suede Topshop one above. I remember investing in this skirt a couple of years ago, and I’m always so glad I did – it really is such a life saver for when I need to mix things up a little!

It pretty much matches with everything, and it’s a great little night out skirt for dancing too. I love how it looks with a polka dot blouse and a beret for when I want to feel a little more fancy…

It’s real suede, so it’s ageing beautifully, and is likely one of those items that I’ll pass down to my daughter if I’m ever lucky enough to have one – it’s just a timeless piece that will never go out of style. Lately, I’ve rekindled my love for it, and have been wearing it with huge slouchy jumpers over the top so that they almost look like dresses to the naked eye. I’m a big fan of this look, I just think it looks endlessly cool with tights and pointed boots! It’s got that Sixties vibe to it that I’ll always be in love with, but also looks chic enough for the modern day woman. Throw on an oversized wool coat, and it’s the perfect wintery look to see you through the week (or at least until you find yourself back in your jeans again)…


Alice x

Photography by Adriana

Jumper c/o – New Look | Skirt – Topshop (old/similar here) | Tights – Marks And Spencer | Boots c/o – And Other Stories | Bag c/o – Sezane


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  1. YZ Chan says:

    I adore A-line skirts too and I like how you paired yours with an oversized jumper!

  2. Natali says:

    I’m loving this simple, monochromatic and super comfy outfit on you!

  3. Eva says:

    I love this combo so much, stripes always work with almost everything.

  4. Holly White says:

    Adore this skirt and jumper combo! xx

  5. Katherine says:

    I love this jumper! x

  6. SarahB says:

    This is such a gorgeous look! The boots from other stories, do you think they’re worth investing in? I’ve been eyeing them up online for ages but there are no stores anywhere near me to give them a try. Whats your experience of them been? xx

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