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I think all of us need a happy place – a place that offers that much needed level of escapism, a place to be peaceful and watch the world go by. Since living in the very centre of Manchester, I find it increasingly hard to switch off and create an atmosphere that isn’t hectic of work fueled. People tend to walk faster in cities, they run around more, find themselves shouting aloud at public transport, and not stopping enough to say thank you or let people past. Everyone basically seems in a hurry about life – hence why moving to London has never appealed to me…

I grew up in a little village near Cheshire and spent half of my childhood running around naked in the Lake District. It’s important for me to find that happy medium when it comes to city living, I’m always on the look out for a quiet corner to hideaway and refresh my thoughts. I quickly realised that galleries and museums are probably one of the only places (other than libraries), that happen to offer a moment of serenity in a busy city centre. Just a short walk from my flat is the Manchester art gallery – a place that I love to visit often. Whether it’s to sit outside with a cup of coffee and plan my week, or a Sunday stroll to a new exhibition with my favourite person. There’s something about standing in a big old historic building that makes you feel small and safe somehow – nothing to hear but a few whispers coming from fellow city escapers. It’s a place I have used lots of times for blog photography, and there’s been many times when it’s acted as a rain shelter in-between shooting for last minute deadlines.

In the future, I love the idea of living closer to the countryside – I’ve always envisioned a lake house somewhere with a porch and a couple of sausage dogs, I’m hoping I can make it a reality one day! For now, Manchester is definitely where I’m meant to be, it’s my anchor in regards to my work and family life – everything is accessible which makes life a lot easier. I can’t wait to travel more next year, there’s so many places on my bucket list that I want to get ticked off, but for now, I feel thankful to have lots of friendly cafes and lively side streets to call home…

Alice x

Photography by Adriana

Jumper – Topshop | Skirt – M.I.H Jeans (similar here)| Shoes – Whistles (similar here) | Bag – Staud Clothing


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  1. Natali says:

    Countryside always brings such peace to me… It’s my favourite place to escape to when life gets bit overwhelming and I need to hear my own inner voice better.
    You’re looking adorable in this outfit, your skirt is fantastic!

  2. Izikova says:

    To decide where I prefer to live I would like to stay for some time in a big city or a true peaceful countryside first.Anyway, I love your style, it’s so classic but not borning! x

  3. Holly White says:

    The Manchester art gallery is so beautiful and peaceful! I totally know what you mean! xxx

  4. Nesha says:

    I was the year below you at high school and always loved how you styled your outfits back then! I too moved to the city and like you need space to escape the city life. Love reading your blog.

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