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Yep, a bit of a joke title considering I wore this exact outfit to the post office just last week. That’s the thing about fashion though isn’t it? It has the power to make you feel like you’re strolling through some quaint littleĀ Italian village, even when you’re running the most tedious of errands…

It was my birthday recently, so I treated myself to this Ganni top that had been on my wish list for a while – the check print reminds me of Cher Horowitz, but the design is effortless summer chic, all wrapped up nicely with one little bow. If crop tops aren’t your thing, this is probably one to stay clear of, it sits very high on the torso and could be quite unforgiving after a large lunch of pasta (sticking with the Italian theme aren’t I). However, teamed with something like these high waisted paper bag trousers, it looks much more put together. I have a bit of a thing about belly buttons showing (I’m a weirdo, I know), I just think it takes me back to some nineties nightmares I’d rather forget…

I bought these trousers around Christmas time and completely forgot I had them in my collection – they are such a floaty/breezy material, and perfect for pairing with this tricky style of top. I’ve also recently worn it with an indigo denim midi skirt, and it looks lovely with that too! I always try make sure that any investment top I buy will match with at least two different bottom options in my wardrobe. That way, it’s less of an impulse/trend lead buy, and bound to be something I’ll wear often. Having said that, I’m not sure how often I’ll get to wear this beauty in central Manchester – but it will definitely be coming on holiday with me at the end of the month! I love how it looks with oversized oval sunglasses and my new obsession – woven shoes. I’ve seen so many floating around Instagram, and all of them have been wildly expensive for an impractical shoe. I mean, they are essentially shoes with lots of holes in them from the moment you buy them – but they look pretty so it’s okay!

I spied these whilst looking on the H&M website recently – I’ve been on a bit of a homeware hunt and have been updating the flat room by room. We are actually planning to move at some point this year, so I’ve been careful to select items that I know I can carry over to the new place. Anyway, I digress – I spied these braided slingback flats and instantly added them to my basket. They are my favourite bargain in a long time, and haven’t rubbed my feet once. They just elevate any simple outfit and make it look instantly more stylish – trousers, midi skirts, frayed denim, these babies have all bases covered.

I hope you enjoyed this little ramble of a post and that you’ve all had an amazing weekend – I’ve been planning content like crazy, so please let me know if there’s something in particular you’d like to see! I’m planning on doing lots of chatty Instagram stories whilst I’m away to try and get myself in the routine of approaching it a bit more naturally – the lighting in our current flat is just not the best for tutorials etc, so I like to try and make the best of being in a new environment…

Alice x

Photography by Adriana

Top – Ganni | Trousers – Fashion Union (old season) | Shoes – H&M | Bag – Mango | Sunglasses c/o – ASOS | Necklace – Theodora Warre


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  1. Callie says:

    I love the silhouette of the top with the trousers! I just got similar pants and I’m excited to try something similar!

  2. Love the whole look!

  3. Antonia says:

    Lovely combination! Even though I’m not exactly a a fan of wearing crop tops, I love the outfits other people put together with them (not sure why, though).

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