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This week officially marked the start of spring and that news alone is enough to put a smile on my face! Sometimes I wonder why I’m so obsessed with the weather and then I remember that I live in the UK and it’s pretty much all we talk about. The change in seasons is a huge part of the reason I enjoy living here but boyyy has this winter dragged on. I feel as though it’s been a particularly gloomy one, and the arrival of spring always brings with it a new found optimism for all that lies ahead…

I’m looking forward to sitting outdoors more and potting some new plants in our little patio area. I’m looking forward to more fresh air, open windows and lighter evenings aplenty. I’m also looking forward to spring outfit possibilities – floaty skirts, lighter trench coats and jackets, oversized shirts with ballet flats and everything in-between!

Just as the evenings become lighter, clothes also become lighter and things generally start to feel a little easier. It’s something my mum has always said to me since I can remember ‘things will start to feel easier once spring arrives’ and the older I get, the more I understand why it’s a such a special time of year and one that many feel on a cellular level.

I’ve long been dreaming of spring outfits at this point so I thought I’d share with you some of the key pieces I’m excited about this season! One of them being this ridiculously beautiful trench coat by Skall Studio which has definitely started to inspire a spring colour palette in my wardrobe. As soon as I saw this come online, I knew that I had to own one. Materialistic, I know, but this feels like one of those pieces I’ve been searching for as long as I’ve loved this vintage inspired buttercream shade. It looks like a vintage piece but has a modern/slightly oversized silhouette which is basically my ideal situation when it comes to outerwear. It also works really well with creamy tones (as well as navy + grey) so it feels like one of those statement pieces I’m well equipped to get a tonne of wear out of. I love that it transforms a simple outfit and that it collects compliments wherever it goes – people have already stopped me in the street to ask about it which is something I love about putting an outfit together. They can often be conversation starters and I love that about human nature, it makes life more colourful.

Skall Studio are a Danish brand that’s been on my radar for a while now (I’m lucky enough to own a few of their pieces) and they are one of the few brands that I keep tabs on in terms of new collections. I love it when you find a brand that really speaks to your personal style and the way you want to present yourself in the world – especially when there’s a strong focus on craftsmanship and natural materials. These are the types of brands I want to invest in these-days. I find myself buying way less impulsively than ever before and instead making seasonal wish lists and investing in a few key pieces that are likely to stand the test of time in my wardrobe. I think ‘wishlist’ pieces tend to feel more special when you eventually make them a reality, which in turn, makes you feel more special when wearing them because there’s a though process and journey behind it.

I’ve also been styling it a lot with this floaty cream Boden skirt from last season which I can’t see myself wearing any less this year! It’s so comfortable but really makes me feel fancy whenever I wear it – I stumbled across something similar by Aligne this week so I’ll link it here for you.

As with every spring, there’s nothing revolutionary that I’m excited to throw together, just those classic pieces that I reach for time and time again. I’m really into jewellery at the moment and how it can transform a simple outfit, so I’m excited to play around with my jewellery and beaded necklaces again now that the weather is warming up. I really hope you’re all enjoying the start of the new season & that you’re looking after yourselves. This is your sign to take yourself on a little spring date when the sun is next shining and treat yourself to a cheap bunch of flowers and your favourite drink! If anything holds the power to instantly perk up my mood then it’s a three pound bunch of rainbow tulips and a flat white.


Thank you for reading as always! 

& you can find some spring pieces I’m excited about below…


All photographs taken on a Fujifilm x-s10 

You can find my latest spring mood-board here!

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