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As the temperature changes, so does my beauty routine and the type of products that end up being in my radar. I’m suddenly drawn to anything that promises me glowy skin and that long lasting freshness (starting to sound like a toothpaste advert aren’t I) with minimal effort. Without further ado, here’s a little run down of this years holy grail Summer products so far – the ones that have worked their way into my everyday routine, and will be used religiously throughout the months ahead…


Nuxe Dry Oil

A French pharmacy favourite and rich in antioxidants – I repurchase this every year and will probably always have a bottle in my collection. I love using it fresh out the shower across my chest, neck, and shoulders. I run any excess through the ends of my hair, and it also makes your legs look lovely! Definitely don’t put it on if they are newly shaven to avoided the dreaded sting – I wouldn’t recommend it for your face either as it’s quite scented, but it really just depends on personal preference! I primarily use this as a body oil, and I don’t feel the need to apply perfume on a hot day (the worst), because it smells absolutely divine! It also helps to reduce the look of any blemishes/stretch marks with regular use, I’ve definitely noticed that it improves my skin tone when used weekly.

Nars | Charlotte Gainsbourg Multiple Tint

I once watched a video of Camille Rowe using something very similar to this, and was never able to find something that achieved the same affect until recently. She mentioned how she swiped a little down the bridge of her nose and patted a little onto her cheeks to give her that ‘slightly sunburned glow’. It may sound odd to some, but I’m completely in love with that look, it just makes you fresh/glowy and generally alive. The fact that it’s a Charlotte Gainsbourg collaboration AND this particular shade is called ‘Alice’ – I mean, how was I ever going to resist? I feel like this product answered all my prayers, and I can see this being a lifesaver at Glastonbury!

And Other Stories | Nail Colour

I normally don’t sway from my unusual red/brown toned nail varnish, but as soon as Summer comes around and I get a bit of colour, a strong nude is my go-to. I picked up this one a couple of months ago and completely forgot about it until recently. I just apply two coats and it pretty much stays perfect for the best part of a week. It’s such a lovely colour, and I feel like it’s a lot more wearable than a glaring white shade.

Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends | Vetiver & Black Tea

As previously mentioned, I sometimes find wearing perfume a bit sickly on those hot Summer days. I much prefer wearing a body spray or an oil/moisturiser that contains some sort of delicious/fresh scent to revive me throughout the day, rather than that horrible headachy feeling that some perfumes can often prompt. My dad bought me this at Christmas (he and my mum know that I’m a huge Kiehls fan), and I’d never actually been into the store and smelt it previously. It’s always risky buying someone else perfume but I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s so fresh and uplifting, but still has those slightly woody/peppery undertones that I’m forever drawn to. Kiehls scents are great because you can spritz them throughout the day to top up if you need to, but they never smell too strong. It’s also the perfect handbag size, which again, makes it ideal for travelling or festivals!

Compagnie De Provence | Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream

I’ll admit, I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to hoarding mini hand creams. One for every bag right? This little grapefruit scented one is so welcome on those hot sticky days, it makes my hands feel so fresh, and how bloody cute is the packaging? I have a few from this brand and I’m in love with their branding, they look like little oil paints and I’m a sucker for great packaging combined with natural ingredients. It also matches my new make up bag so win/win right?

Dior Forever Foundation

I try to avoid wearing foundation as much as possible throughout the Summer months – I like a tinted SPF formula or moisturiser that just gives me a enough colour to look alive. Then I’ll normally just go in and conceal any blemishes before adding a bit of bronzer. However, I recently discovered this foundation and was instantly drawn in by the 35 SPF coverage, and how light and silky it seemed to be when I tried some on the back of my hand. One pump of this mixed with my trusty Nars illuminator creates the most perfect glowy Summer base – it literally looks like a second skin! I don’t rave about foundations a lot, but I’m really impressed with this one so far – it’s buildable too, so if you’re someone who likes a higher coverage then it’s definitely achievable. It makes my skin look so smooth and seems to get better throughout the day too!

Sezane & Friends | Pink Medium Clutch | Powder Brush

I wanted to quickly mention Sezane’s new collection – one of my favourite French brands has now introduced a homeware and beauty section! As you can probably imagine, I have fallen completely in love with everything. I’ve already picked up a couple of their notebooks and terracotta mugs to brighten up my desk space, and I’m loving their clutch bag selection. I opted for the medium light pink and have been using it as a make up bag, but you could use them for whatever you fancy! I also got their power brush which I’ve just started using daily and the quality is lovely! Not to mention, everything is just far too aesthetically pleasing…

Alice x


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  1. That foundation looks lovely, I have been thinking about getting it

    1. alicecatherine says:

      It’s amazing! Great for Summer xx

  2. Samantha says:

    Love your picks, especially the nail polish – so perfect for summer! Which camera/lens have you used for these photos? they’re lovely! xx

    1. alicecatherine says:

      It’s my photographers work – she uses a Nikon but I always forget the details, I may put her process in a blog post if that would be helpful? xx

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