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Life feels quiet and strange. 

Everything feels magnified in some way. I’m suddenly more aware of everything that’s happening in the world around me. Everything feels louder and more important than ever before. It also feels diluted at the same time. A contradiction I can’t quite find the words for… 

I’ve started to see this unsettling period as time to reset… 

Perhaps a scary, uncertain, and disappointing year can turn into the very one that my soul needed.

I’ve been savouring the occasional hot summer evening where I get to sit outside and drink wine. I’ve been savouring slightly later mornings in bed, and rare moments of clarity when they arrive.

Sometimes these moments feel painful and I know it’s because I’m growing. The world is experiencing growing pains but the sharpest ones are within all of us. 

My little flat has now become more than a home. It’s a nest, a safe place, a bunker sometimes merely the same few walls I’ve grown to despise. 

I’ve learnt to love it, rearrange it, and survive in it. There’s also been moments when it’s felt suffocating – as though the high ceilings are somehow shrinking towards me a little bit more each day…

I think, for the first time ever, I’m truly learning what it means to look after myself. My body, mind, and soul. 

The simple things that I need to survive have become the most important. A huge test of strength still lies in front of all of us. I’ve come to realise that life was always uncertain – I just feel better equipped to deal with it now. Even in my weakest moments, I feel stronger. Bad habits seem to be slipping away, healthier ones forming in their place…

Time to reset. 

Photographs taken on an Olympus MJU II 

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