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Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who submitted their work for last weeks ‘Letters From Home’ – I loved sharing them over on Instagram stories, and it’s been such a lovely way to connect whilst we are cooped up at home. This is going to be a weekly thing so please send me your creations if you have anything you’d like to share! My second letter from home is below & I really hope you like it… 

This past week I’ve really tried to focus on the magic to be found within the mundane. We got an old film projector working which felt like such a treat – movie nights cuddled up on the sofa, the buzzing of the projector and crunching of popcorn. Almost like the real thing, but no tearing of tickets or crowded cinema room.

I also mastered baking an apple crumble (one of my favourite desserts). I love the sense of accomplishment that follows when you bake something that turns out well. It feels nice to create stuff with my hands rather than with my phone. I also made homemade caramel sauce with Amaretto to serve alongside the crumble and it might be a game changer! Happy stomachs all round. 

I’ve been washing my hair less but for longer – it feels nice to take extra time on a beauty routine but also to worry less about being ‘beautiful’. My hair wild and free, a coffee stain on my pyjamas, bare feet for most of the week…

Sometimes it feels grounding and free to just let it all go. To explore how I feel without adding all the things that ‘make me feel like me’ on top. Then other days it’s nice to reconnect – a pretty summer dress, a touch of make up, fixing my hair for nothing In particular. I feel lucky that I can build myself up in that way. I’ve found a style that’s fits and makes me feel at home. I’m working on coming undone and still feeling the same way – without the safety net of material things. We are most beautiful when we accept ourselves as we are, and even lovelier when we have the courage to truly believe it. 

Lying in the bath and finishing a book feels good for the soul. It’s a reminder that although life might feel on pause in many ways, it’s actually still moving along the same way it always has. The weekends still come around and the months still move forward on the calendar. Finishing a book is proof that we aren’t stuck in time – we still have the capacity to begin things, to finish things, to make use of this time in small but comforting ways.


Alice x

Photographs taken on film at home

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  1. Maria Koss says:

    Apple crumble sounds so good! And the longer beauty routine, indeed I enjoy them 🙂

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