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Most of my outfits pretty much look like the below at the moment! I somehow seem to forget how to dress myself post festive break, and then find myself discovering my own wardrobe all over again. When my surroundings feel gloomy and uninspiring (as the first few months of the year seem to without fail), I find comfort in the real basics of my wardrobe…

I’m talking that big oversized coat that never goes out of style, the jeans you wear on weekly rotation, and the classic black boots that you can’t picture yourself living without…

It might seem strange from me, but I’m sort of happy to let fashion take a back seat at this time of year. Sometimes it’s nice to just let go of the reigns for a little while and breathe energy into other things. For instance, I’ve been *really* into ‘sorting out the flat’ at the moment and finishing off any decorating bits that I fell out of love with working on last year. I’m going to share some updated homeware style posts with you over the next few months too – I feel really inspired with lifestyle content, and I’m sure the styling posts will make there way back when inspiration strikes!

I actually have my first shoot of 2020 tomorrow and I feel like I’m definitely rusty! I’ve given myself the afternoon to plan out some content, and the below playlist will be keeping me company. As always, it’s a random compilation of everything I’ve been listening to over the past few weeks. I won’t lie, it’s mainly been Harry Styles, but I obviously had to pad out the playlist for fear of being judged… 

Photographs taken by Catherine Booty 

Coat – old, Scarf c/o – Gestuz, Boots c/o – Hudson



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