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I thought I’d kick start the week with an outfit that had me feeling straight out of a Tarantino film set recently – Once Upon A Time in Hollywood to be more specific. I went to watch it last Thursday at HOME in Manchester and I couldn’t have loved it more. It was so aesthetically pleasing as someone who spends a lot of their time in a Sixties/Seventies inspired bubble, and a real love letter to an exciting period in Hollywood…

If you haven’t seen it yet then don’t worry – I won’t be giving away an pesky spoilers in this blog post! I will just say that I loved Tarantino’s take on the Manson murder narrative. I felt like the ending was exactly how it should have been, and a real classy take on a horrifically tragic set of circumstances. I also feel like it helps to have read a bit about Sharon Tate/the Manson murders going in – I feel like I enjoyed it all the more for picking up on the little nods/references, and it really gave the whole storyline a lot more context. That’s my mini film review anyway! Always thought being some sort of film critic would be super interesting… 

Similar to a lot of films that suck me in and leave me listening to the soundtrack for weeks on end afterwards – the characters seem to have a way of seeping into my wardrobe too. I haven’t gone full Rick Dalton/cowboy attire just yet (there’s still time), but it did leave me thinking about my beloved vintage green leather jacket. There was a lot of very cool leather pieces throughout the film, and I’m really into colourful leather for autumn/winter 2019. I think it’s such a fun way of adding a statement piece to an otherwise simple outfit, and automatically makes me feel way cooler than I actually am… 

I have a turtle neck in the same shade of green that I’m very tempted to pair with this jacket when the weather gets a bit cooler – very Once Upon A Time indeed. Leo’s character also wears an amazing burnt orange/caramel shade leather throughout the film which was dreamy! I’ve spotted a few vintage ones online so maybe that will be my next colourful purchase? I wear a lot of neutral pieces, so outerwear is definitely more where I feel comfortable expressing a bit of my personality. 

The film also got me thinking about how fun it must be to work in the wardrobe department of a film set. I mean, where does one sign up for this? If I wasn’t busy styling myself for a living then I’d absolutely love to dress characters in movies! It’s all a bit too exciting just thinking about it on a grey Monday morning in Manchester. Hollywood certainly feels a million miles away from my little set up here, but throw on a colourful leather jacket and it’s funny how quickly things can transcend… 

Photographs taken by Catherine Booty 

Leather jacket – vintage, Shirt – The Level Store, Trousers c/o – H&M, Sandals c/o – Sandro (similar here), Bag c/o – Vacare




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  1. Emily Miller says:

    Awesome post. Love the jacket, the colour is so cool!

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thanks lovely! x

  2. Eva says:

    YES, that’s so interesting to see an outfit inspired by one of Tarantino’s movie. I’m going to see it next week and I’m so excited to see what he made again (+ DiCaprio, I’m going to love it!)

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thank you! Really hope you enjoyed the film xx

  3. I just love that colour of green! it’s the perfect shade for all year round. xxx

    1. alicecatherine says:

      I agree! I always forget how pretty green outfits are xxx

  4. Lious says:

    OMG I LOVE THE JACKET!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! its so perfect especially in Blue! been reading you for a while now and this is literally my best outfit jet. simple and afforadbale. they dont have the xtra large tho and i dont know if the large would be big enough! when do we get a new episode of the podcast!!

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thank you! This is a vintage jacket but the options I’ve linked are very similar – I don’t own any of them so I can’t say which would be best unfortunately. New (and last episode of the series) coming your way very soon! We are also planning ideas for series two, thank you so much for listening xx

  5. Lious says:

    so i am back! i thought to write you on Instaagram but i am on a break so i had to write here. I got my firt Suistainably clothing!!! i am so proud of this. i got the denim utility jacket and i will wear it for years to come like you use to say! i started reading you about a year ago and i literally lov your style. we were born the same year but different months. my birthday is this month!
    so anyways, every time i read your blog and you gust about some clothing, i get really excited but when i check the price,i am like oh well. but i got this denim jacket even though it took my two weeks grocessy shopping money! it feels good to invest in a piece. thanks so much!

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thank you so much for reading! And I do tend to buy a lot of vintage which means I save more money for ‘higher end/investment’ pieces but I will always try and link a range of options below too. So pleased that you love your new jacket but never go hungry for clothing ha! xxx

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