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Welcome to the second set of images that Catherine and I took whilst visiting the Whitworth Locke hotel in Manchester. Looking back at these now, it seems I was accidentally channelling my inner Alex Turner à la Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino album. What can I say, I don’t think its a bad thing, and those white denim pants he wore at Primavera have clearly left an impression on me…

Similar to what I discussed in my previous post – this is another example of me character dressing. It’s the reason clothes are so important to me – they enable to me act out different parts of myself just by giving me a confidence nudge in the right direction…

Whenever I wear this green blazer, I feel a powerful Eighties persona take over – I always seem to gravitate towards white trousers on the bottom for that extra Eighties contrast. I think I definitely feel most confident in a blazer paired with some tailored trousers. I never get tired of playing around with different patterns and colours. The more oversized the better too, it somehow takes me back to being a kid, playing dress up with my Gran’s fancy dress box… 

I was addicted to the way different styles of clothing could expose different feelings within me. 

It’s safe to say that the possibilities are endless when you have a hotel room some place new for the evening (minds out of the gutter please). I’m referring strictly to character dressing and experimenting with what we already have in our wardrobes (or suitcases) – you can always create something new, you always have the chance to be whoever you want for a few hours.

Head to dinner in those oversized earrings even though you’re convinced they’re too fancy, run to meet friends in those vintage boots that make you feel badass, take yourself on a date in that new skirt you’ve been saving for something special

Photographs taken by Catherine Booty | The Whitworth Locke Hotel, Manchester 

Blazer c/o – And Other Stories (sold out/similar here), Trousers c/o – And Other Stories 





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  1. Hannah says:

    I love the concept of character dressing and should do that more often and just wear the stuff I probably wouldn’t normally wear or think would be over the top. Why the frick not?? 🙂

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