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Princess Diana is way up there with my style icons for so many reasons – one of them being that she donned some pretty impressive polka dots ensembles. I always think of her whenever I wear an Eighties inspired blouse or blazer, and especially when I wear monochrome polka dots with high waist denim. I was trying to pin point what it was that I admired so much about her the other evening – I came to the conclusion that it has something to do with her ability to switch between Princess Diana and the off-duty Diana that lived in denim and wellington boots…

Okay, so I guess you’re never really ‘off duty’ when you’re a member of The Royal Family, but I love her the distinction between her style when she was making appearances, versus her style when she was caught off guard at a more casual event. Her looks have never been more relevant than right now – the Eighties has slowly crept back into fashion over the last couple of years, and it seems that more and more pieces that were once considered ‘ugly’ are now being restyled and considered cool. Shoulder pads, puffy sleeves, exaggerated waists, and enough square toe shoes to tempt even the most pointiest shoe addict (me)…

She also wore a lot of polka dots – coloured polka dots in particular that always tend to feel particularly Eighties. In my experience, theres two directions that coloured polka dots can take an outfit – full on Eighties, or Fifties Rockabilly. Especially red and green polka dots, I just bought the most beautiful red polka dot blouse from With Jean and it makes me feel like a vintage dream. It’s the perfect fit, and one of those pieces that won’t ever go out of style in my opinion – just like the vintage St Michael’s one that I’m wearing here…

You can always rely on polka dots and denim – it’s just so classic, and there’s always a way to mix it up and make it work for any type of occasion. I think I’ll still be wearing polka dots when I’m old and grey…

You might have seen me post this outfit over on Instagram with the image of Diana that inspired it – she’s not quite wearing polka dots here, but I love how she’s broken up an all white outfit with a black belt. It’s a great way to make all white feel a little less intimidating…

I’m in no way a Royalist, or even someone who necessarily agrees with The Royal Family, but there was definitely something magical about Diana. I think there’s something romantic about admiring someone from afar – imagining their hopes, dreams and worries. Imagining what their thoughts might be when the fling open their wardrobe each morning… 


Alice x

Photographs by Adriana

Blouse – vintage (similar here)

Jeans – Whistles

Sandals c/o – Miista

Bag c/o  – Rock n Rose

Sunglasses – Rouje


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  1. Natali says:

    Can’t go wrong by wearing the polka dot tee with a pair of perfectly fitting white jeans! I love the way you’ve styled this retro cool combo!

  2. Perfect summer look!

  3. Such a nice summery look! I like how structured it is as I feel that summer looks can be too ‘flowy’ at times. Also agree with what you say about Diana – I used to be mesmerised by her as a child, she was different than the rest of them!
    Camilla xx

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