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I feel like I owe quite a lot to the humble utility shirt/jacket, or even the newly termed, shacket (ew) – I’ve owned numerous utility style jackets over years, and it’s a style that I never seem to tire of. It’s one of those pieces that manages to hold onto it’s vintage roots, whilst forever appearing modern at the same time. It also works endlessly well when paired with denim – one of those low maintenance style savers that I can throw on over anything, and be safe in the knowledge that it just looks goodIt’s comforting to have pieces like that to rely on when your personal style is experiencing a minor funk, they start to feel like home, and offer you a gentle reminder that sometimes the best kind of outfit is just one that makes you feel your most comfortable… 

Dress it up or down – I love how they look dressed with a pair of strappy heels and red lipstick, just as much as I love them thrown over a scruffy baseball T-shirt and high waist jeans. It’s just the fail-safe jacket, and one that never ceases to surprise me in terms of how much it matches with. My go-to is usually over some sort of blouse and jeans combo – I’m just a fan of how it tones everything down and makes it look really casual. I always feel a bit uncomfortable if I look too ‘done up’ – I like having loose strands of hair and slightly smudged make-up, I think I’d still opt for this kind of look even on my wedding day. I guess it’s something to do with having fun and not feeling too restricted, but I definitely admire people who manage to maintain perfect make up and hair all day long…

I’m not naturally a very preened-to-perfection kind of person, so there’s usually always some sort of loose thread or stain to be found on my day-to-day outfits…  

They were good enough for Serge Gainsbourg and Anna Karina – Shock horror, pretty much all my style inspirations have sported a khaki number at some point. I challenge you to Google Pierrot Le Fou (1965) and not fall in love with Anna’s entire wardrobe. She wears her’s with a pair of check trousers, a bright red top, and a camouflage hat that very few people could make look cool. It’s also one of my favourite Godard films, so even if you’re not into the wardrobe choices, you should definitely watch it anyway! Gainsbourg was another badass character (albeit, less fictional) who was often wearing some kind of khaki style number. There’s so many images of him floating around where I’d instantly wear the whole outfit without a moments hesitation – my only request would be to pick my own shoes…

A jacket to suit every style – I genuinely believe that this style of jacket looks great on everyone. It’s such a great foundation piece and can styled in so many different ways. Whether you’re a typically girly girl, or someone with a Tomboy edge – this style of jacket has the magical ability to make anyone look like they know what their doing. It’s just effortlessly cool all by itself, and similar to the trusty leather jacket, it just keeps on getting better with age. I’ve tried and tested this too, I have so many that are beaten up by the wash/general wear, and it just gives them that worn/vintage vibe. It’s also a jacket to suit every budget – from vintage, to high street, to high end, there will always be a utility style jacket to please your bank balance…

If you’ve followed me for a while now, then my love for the utility jacket will come as no surprise to you. I kindly got sent this one by Realm And Empire, and I think it might just be the best one in my collection. It’s actually a mens jacket, but the fit of it is so boxy and perfect – Sam has even been stealing this one to wear over T-shirts for work, so that’s when I know it’s a real crowd pleaser. I have it in the mens size small which makes for the ideal amount of oversized.

I love how it looks against this new Rouje blouse (that I may or may not have purchased in two colours), it’s just the best mix of feminine and boyish, and I can’t quite get enough of it. This kind of look really reminds me of something Mickey Dobbs from Love would wear – anyone else binge watch series three in two days? She’s always teaming masculine style shirts with cute tops underneath, and then some great denim on the bottom. It’s basically the smart way to dress for spring because you can always work your outfit around the weather, and continuously layer things up or down. It’s the type of piece that naturally encourages you to wear something underneath, so I never find myself bored of mixing things up and playing around with different tops. I think it’s safe to say that the utility style jacket is a firm wardrobe favourite, and I can’t see myself abandoning it’s glory anytime soon…


Alice x

Photographs by Adriana

Blouse | Rouje

Khaki Jacket c/o | Realm & Empire

Jeans | vintage Levi (similar here)

Boots | Miista

Bag | Simon Miller


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  1. Natali says:

    You are looking just super cool in this retro outfit! Love your style a lot!

  2. Lucy Jane says:

    I adore the neutral tones in this outfit, such a pretty look!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  3. sara nena says:

    Military jacket\military shirts are my must have

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