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When I think about how my style has changed over the years – I tend to think about silhouettes that have defines different chapters of self discovery. Every now and then, I’ll look back at pictures and they instantly remind me of how I felt about myself at a certain time in my life. They remind me of what I was into, what I was trying to express, and how I wanted to be seen by the world around me. In a funny sort of way, my personal style has felt a lot like the act of shapeshifting…

Whether it’s been oversized ‘mens’ clothing that I’d pick up from vintage shops in an attempt to drown out my figure, or my obsessive phase at uni where everything was chiffon to show off the bralet I was wearing underneath – my fashion choices have pretty much always been dictated to by my relationship with my body…

When I think about the pieces that I really love – they are either the pieces I can rely on to feel powerful, or the pieces that offer comfort on those days where I’d rather not think about pulling together an outfit at all. I tend to feel the desire to feel powerful when I feel at my most vulnerable. I think a lot of people are this way, and our wardrobes are one of the tools on offer that can provide an ‘instant fix’ when our headspace isn’t quite matching up with the tasks we have laid out ahead of us.

For me, an oversized suit will always make me feel a combination of sexy and powerful. As someone who has had issues with both self confidence and self acceptance – an oversized suit offers structure whilst also allowing me to melt away any body hang ups beneath the constructs of a classic design.

Whenever I wear a suit or an oversized blazer for the evening time, I love to add soft/feminine accents that help the look feel balanced. A bralet and some strappy shoes often do the trick! I also love to layer up lots of gold jewellery, or wear a silk scrunchie if I’m wearing my hair tied back. It’s these details that I feel really reflect how I want to express myself through my style whilst still feeling as though I’m having fun and not taking myself too seriously. I love traditionally masculine clothing paired with traditionally feminine accessories – it creates this powerful look that also feels soft and gentle at the same time. It means business, but it’s also thoughtful and approachable… 

I think as women, we tend to have the act of shapeshifting down to a fine art. We have try and juggle many different personas whilst also trying to hold on to what makes us truly authentic as individuals in our own right. Although clothing may allow us to feel like we are many different things – there’s nothing more self affirming than when our mental state matches up with the look we have created in front of the mirror. It’s the reason personal style continues to evolves over time – just as we do… 

Photographs taken by Catherine Booty 

Blazer – The Level Store (similar here), Trousers – And Other Stories




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