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Something strange has happened to me over the last couple of months – I can’t quite be certain whether it’s a new found confidence in my personal style (or just the natural human need to experiment), but I’ve been wearing my fair share of more vibrant pieces! I guess some of it has to do with the fact that outfit creating is a huge part of my job these days, not just something which has been firmly ingrained in me for as long as I can remember – it means I’m lucky enough to be able to experiment when I leave the flat each day, even if it means quickly regretting my decision and rushing back to change a few hours later…

This blue jumper by Finery for instance – it’s not a colour that I would automatically pick up and make a b-line to the till for, but I saw it on their website and there was just something about it. The colour somehow feels really christmassy, yet it’s definitely not your average/tacky Christmas jumper – I love how it looks with some simple crop flare trousers and gold accessories. There’s something really chic and timeless about it – it’s the type of jumper I can imagine falling back in love with all over again when I’m an older woman…

Finery are one of those brands who have definitely help me come out of my shell a little more in terms of the way I dress – I think this is because their pieces are heavily vintage influenced, yet so contemporary in the way they present themselves. I find that each piece I lust after tends to have a little bit of something I love mixed with something completely out of the ordinary – an almost hesitant feeling I get before trying something on that usually makes the overall result more exciting.

This jumper was definitely one of those pieces – it feels super brash and sixties inspired somehow, but also like a piece that was only designed yesterday. It’s this juxtaposition that makes fashion interesting to me, and keeps me on my toes… 

Without discovering new brands and new ways of mixing up my wardrobe, my job would most likely feel very repetitive and boring. I strongly consider this blog somewhere that I’m able to experiment in all senses – whether that’s with a bright blue jumper, or my thoughts on a new subject. It’s an outlet and extension of myself that I will forever be grateful for (and possibly cringe back at in years to come). However, I do think it’s quite nice to be able to physically see how far you’ve come (Facebook memories I’m looking at you) – from awkward blog images and rushed blog posts because I was juggling two jobs, to experimenting with colour and connecting with people over my outfits and beyond…


Alice x

Photography by Adriana

Jumper c/o – Finery (similar here)| Trousers c/o – Reiko | Shoes c/o – Whistles x ByFar (sold out/black version here) | Bag c/o – Sezane | Beret – Topshop


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  1. Natali says:

    You are looking so beautiful, romantic and very Parisienne once again!
    Love your cobalt blue sweater!

    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thank you! xxx

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