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I’ve always found it strange how certain colours have feelings or moods attached to them – these can often be triggered in so many different ways, for so many different people. Whether it be the little blue dress that makes you feel confident, the silver shoes that transport you to a happy place, or that little red vintage jumper that instantly brightens your mood, and your outfit too…

I am of course referring to the above red jumper – a piece of vintage treasure that happens to exist in my favourite hue. In general, I don’t tend to wear the most colourful attire, my wardrobe is a sea of black, navy, grey… (you get the gist). This means that some pieces can often get swallowed up – only to be rediscovered again when it’s time for the dreaded wardrobe clear out. You know the kind of clear out I’m referring too – the one that always leaves you sat on top of a pile of clothes, face in hands, wondering why you ever inflicted such torture on yourself…

Red is the one colour that doesn’t get lost, it’s the bright flash of vintage jumpers, patent shoes, and bralets that keep my wardrobe from feeling dull. It’s one of the only vibrant shades that I feel actually suits me – I like the contrast against my hair, and I definitely always feel more confident when it’s coordinated into my outfit in some way. Sometimes it’s just as simple as adding a red lip to contrast against a Breton top – I like to dab it on with my fingers so it has that worn in look! I tend to love everything that little bit more when it’s worn in slightly, it looks way more effortless when an outfit is slightly ‘undone’. This doesn’t have to mean messy though – just the subtle suggestion that you haven’t spent ages in front of the mirror, that every strand of hair isn’t in place, because that’s not real life. Everyday life for most of us can be an array of rushed journeys, on-the-go touch ups, and coffee stains. In short, I like my winged eyeliner as precise as possible, but everything else can take a back seat…

Alice x

Photography by Adriana

Jumper – vintage (similar here) | Jeans – vintage (similar herehere) | Jacket – Urban Outfitters (similar herehere & here) |Socks – Asos | Shoes – Office

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  1. Dana Nicola says:

    i love that last line, eyeliner always on point 😉


    1. alicecatherine says:

      Thank you! XXX

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